Twitter Kit for Unity Installation

Download & Import Plugin

In the main Unity editor open the Asset Store (Window -> Asset Store) and find Twitter Kit for Unity by Twitter. Alternatively you can download it directly here.

Post-Import Steps

  1. In the main Unity editor navigate to ‘Tools -> Twitter Kit’ (make sure the Inspector tab is open) and enter your Twitter App’s API Key and API Secret (can be found at
  2. Drag “TwitterInit.cs” from Assets/Twitter/Scripts/ into any GameObject in your scene. This will allow Twitter Kit to exist within that scene.

App Settings

In your application’s settings page:

  • Make sure you have a Callback URL set. E.g., “” (or your own URL if you prefer — it won’t actually get called)
  • Make sure ‘Enable Callback Locking’ is NOT checked

Once you’ve installed Twitter Kit, visit the following sections for detailed documentation: