Message Button

The message button is a small button displayed on your website to help viewers easily send a private message (Direct Message) to your account on Twitter. A message button consists of two parts: a link to the Direct Message view on and Twitter’s widgets JavaScript to enhance the link with Twitter’s official and easily recognizable message button.

The website provides a simple, form-based approach to generate HTML markup for a message button you may copy-and-paste into your website template.

Message creation flow

Selecting the message button will deeplink the user to the Direct Message view pre-populated with the values you define in button markup.

How to add a message button to your website

1. Create a new anchor element with a twitter-dm-button class to allow Twitter’s widgets JavaScript to discover the element and enhance the link into a Tweet button. Set a href attribute value of to create a link to the Twitter direct message view. The recipient_id query parameter is the ID of the @username that should receive the messages.

<a href=""
  class="twitter-dm-button" data-screen-name="@furni">
Message @furni</a>

2. Optionally pre-populate message text by customizing message web intent text query parameter.

<a href=""
  class="twitter-dm-button" data-screen-name="@furni">
Message @furni</a>

3. Asynchronously load Twitter’s widgets JavaScript using our loading snippet. The JavaScript snippet will check for an existing version of Twitter’s widgets JavaScript on the current page, initialize a function queue to be executed once the widgets JavaScript has loaded, and load the widgets JavaScript asynchronously from Twitter’s CDN.

Query parameters

Parameter Description
recipient_id Required. The user ID of the Twitter user that will receive the messages.
text Optional. The pre-populated text in the message. Text must be URL encoded.

Button customization


Add a data-size attribute value of large to display a larger message button.