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A Vine video embed brings the best content published on Vine into your article or website. A Vine video embed adds an HTML iframe and JavaScript file to your page to display video content in the most appropriate format for the current display environment.

Generate a Vine embed HTML snippet by selecting the “Embed” share item on a Vine video page or under the “Share” link on an existing Vine embed. Developers may programmatically convert Vine URLs to embed HTML through the Vine oEmbed endpoint.

Embed formats


A simple Vine embed provides a minimalist interface for Vine video playback. A simple Vine embed uses square display area to maximize video display; additional video details are visible when a viewer selects with the display area.


A postcard Vine embed includes video information above and below the video display.

Customization options

Customize a Vine embed for your site with custom dimensions and audio autoplay.

Embed dimensions

Set iframe width and height attributes to create a frame on the page for the requested Vine embed.

Autoplay audio

Vine disables video audio by default. Enable audio autoplay by setting an embed query parameter of audio=1 or selecting the autoplay option in the embed code markup builder.