Twitter Plugin for WordPress

The Twitter plugin for WordPress bundles Twitter best practices into an installable package for websites powered by WordPress software.

Twitter Cards

Automatically generate Twitter Cards to enable link previews, site attribution, and more when someone shares your site’s URLs on Twitter.

Customize Embedded Tweets

Easily customize embedded Tweets to match your site’s theme. Choose a dark or light theme, custom link color and custom border color to match surrounding content.

Convert Twitter URLs into rich embeds

The plugin includes URL handlers for a single Tweet, a profile, a list, a collection, a Moment, a Vine, and a Periscope profile. Easily add Twitter, Vine, and Periscope widgets to your site without needing to retrain authors.

Easily add timelines

Add embedded timelines to posts and templates by pasting a URL, configuring a shortcode, or by adding a widget to your theme’s widget area.

Encourage sharing with Tweet buttons

Add a Tweet button to every public post, customize Tweet text, and grow your follower audience.

Grow your Twitter and Periscope audience

Add a Follow button to your site to convert website visitors into Twitter followers.

Add a Periscope On Air button to advertise future broadcasts and easily communicate when a live broadcast is available.

Measure advertising success

Twitter advertisers can build a custom audience target or track advertising conversions with a Twitter advertising shortcode added to any webpage.

Customize enabled features across your site or network

Enable or disable specific plugin features by acting on the associative array passed through the twitter_features filter.

Key Description
cards Twitter Cards meta elements used to generate link previews and provide Twitter account bylines when your URLs are shared on Twitter
embed-tweet Single Tweet embeds
embed-tweet-video Single Tweet embeds with a template focused on video playback
embed-vine Single Vine embed using the Vine simple template
embed-profile Twitter profile timeline embeds
embed-list Twitter list timeline embeds
embed-search Twitter search result embeds
embed-collection Twitter collection
embed-collection-grid Twitter collection displayed in a grid template
embed-moment Twitter Moment
follow Twitter follow button
share Tweet button
periscope-on-air Periscope On Air button
ad-pixel Custom audiences and advertising conversion pixel