Embed a Twitter search in WordPress

The Twitter plugin for WordPress supports embedding a sampling of recent public Tweets matching a search query using a widget ID configured on Twitter.com and the [twitter_search] WordPress shortcode. WordPress users capable of editing themes may add a Twitter search to a theme’s widget area through the WordPress widget editor.

Create a new stored search query from a Twitter account’s widgets settings page. A widget ID appears in your browser’s address bar on the widget’s edit screen:


Copy the numeric ID betweet /widgets/ and /edit. Enter this value for fields prompting for a widget ID.

Embed using a shortcode

The Twitter plugin for WordPress registers the twitter_search shortcode handler to place an embedded search timeline into a post through a shortcode macro.

Tweets mentioning Twitter open source software

[twitter_search widget_id="601499769895137281" terms="Tweets about @TwitterOSS" height="400"]

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Supported shortcode parameters

Attribute Description Example
widget_id Display a widget configuration stored on Twitter.com 601499769895137281
terms Search terms stored for the query. Used to create more relevant link text. This attribute has no effect on Tweets displayed in a rendered widget foo bar
width Set the maximum width of the timeline in whole pixels 500
height Set a fixed height of the timeline in whole pixels. Overrides a value stored with the widget configuration 400
limit Display a static timeline expanded to up to N Tweets. The height attribute has no effect when a limit is specified 5
chrome Toggle the display of design elements in the widget with comma-separated tokens. Accepted tokens: noheader, nofooter, noborders, noscrollbar, transparent noheader,nofooter
aria_polite Set the ARIA politeness of the timeline live region as new Tweets are added assertive
theme Set a light or dark background. Overrides stored widget value dark
link_color Adjust the hexadecimal color of links, including hashtags and @mentions, inside each Tweet. Overrides the site-wide value set through the plugin settings page and stored widget value 21759b
border_color Adjust the hexadecimal color of borders between Tweets. Overrides the site-wide value set through the plugin settings page d54e21

Site-wide customization using a filter

A website may set site-wide preferences for search timelines by acting on the associative array passed to the shortcode_atts_twitter_search WordPress filter. Functions acting on the filter should set a decimal integer when modifying the value of the width, height, or limit key.


 * Always display a timeline at a height of 400 pixels
 * @param array $out        Parsed user-defined valid attributes or default attribute value
 * @param array $pairs      supported attributes and their default values
 * @param array $attributes user-defined attributes in the shortcode tag
 * @return array options array with our customization applied
function timeline_custom_options( $out, $pairs, $attributes )
  $out['height'] = 400;
  return $out;
add_filter( 'shortcode_atts_twitter_search', 'timeline_custom_options', 10, 3 );