Embed a single Tweet in WordPress

The Twitter plugin for WordPress supports embedding a Tweet by pasting Tweet URL into the WordPress post editor or by customizing a [tweet] WordPress shortcode.

Embed using a Tweet URL

Add an embedded Tweet to a WordPress post by copy-and-pasting a Tweet URL on its own line in the post content area.

Check out this cool Tweet:


That was a cool Tweet.

The Twitter plugin for WordPress extends the oEmbed Tweet URL functionality available since WordPress 3.4 with additional plugin-specific functionality. URL-based embeds pass through the plugin’s shortcode handler for site-wide customization of Tweet parameters. JavaScript normally returned in an oEmbed response is enqueued through the WordPress resource manager, improving site performance while centralizing customizations.

Embed using a shortcode

The Twitter plugin for WordPress registers the tweet shortcode handler to allow embedded Tweet customization through a shortcode macro.

Check out this cool Tweet:

[tweet id="552230355781320704" align="right"]

That was a cool Tweet.

Supported shortcode parameters

Attribute Description Example
id The numerical ID of the desired Tweet. 552230355781320704
cards Set to false, 0, no, or off to disable auto-expanding a video, photo, or link preview. false
conversation Set to false, 0, no, or off to disable display of the previous Tweet in a conversation if the Tweet was in reply to another Tweet. false
align Set to left, center, or right to float the Tweet relative to the parent element. right

Site-wide customization using a filter

A website may set site-wide preferences for embedded Tweets by acting on the associative array passed to the shortcode_atts_tweet WordPress filter. Functions acting on the filter should set boolean literals when modifying value for the cards or conversation key.


 * Always hide previous Tweet in conversation
 * @param array $options parsed options with defaults applied
 * @param array $defaults default values of an embedded Tweet
 * @param array $attributes user-defined shortcode attributes
 * @return array options array with our customization applied
function tweet_custom_options( $options, $defaults, $attributes )
  $options['conversation'] = false;
  return $options;
add_filter( 'shortcode_atts_tweet', 'tweet_custom_options', 10, 3 );