Display a Follow Button in WordPress

The Twitter plugin for WordPress supports adding a follow button to your site through a WordPress widget, pasting a Twitter profile URL into post content, or through the twitter_follow WordPress shortcode. Add a Follow button to a WordPress post by including the shortcode in your post content area or by evaluating a shortcode in PHP using the do_shortcode WordPress function.

Display a follow button for a Twitter profile URL

Add a follow button to a WordPress post by copy-and-pasting a Twitter profile URL on its own line in the post content area.

I post updates on Twitter.


Follow my account to receive updates.

Customize a follow button using a shortcode


Follow us on Twitter:

[twitter_follow screen_name="TwitterDev"]

Supported shortcode parameters

Attribute Description Example
screen_name Twitter username of the account to follow. TwitterDev
show_screen_name Set to false, 0, no, or off to remove the Twitter username from the displayed button. false
show_count Set to false, 0, no, or off to remove the number of followers for the specified account alongside the button. false
size Set to large to display a larger version of the follow button. large

Site-wide customization using a filter

A website may set site-wide preferences for Follow buttons by acting on the associative array passed to the shortcode_atts_twitter_follow WordPress filter. Functions acting on the filter should set boolean literals when modifying show_count or show_screen_name values.


 * Always show large button
 * @param array $options parsed options with defaults applied
 * @param array $defaults default values of a Follow button
 * @param array $attributes user-defined shortcode attributes
 * @return array options array with our customization applied
function twitter_follow_custom_options( $options, $defaults, $attributes )
  $options['size'] = 'large';
  return $options;
add_filter( 'shortcode_atts_twitter_follow', 'twitter_follow_custom_options', 10, 3 );