Tips & Best Practices

  • Do not expect Quick Reply response to directly follow a request. A user has the ability to ignore a Quick Reply request and may respond via traditional Direct Message. The user may also provide a Quick Reply response to a request they have not replied to earlier in the message thread.
  • All incoming Direct Messages will be delivered via webhooks. All Direct Messages sent via POST direct_messages/events/new (message_create) will also be delivered via webhooks. This is so your app may be aware of Direct Messages sent via a different client.
  • If you have two users using your app for Direct Messages in the same conversation, your webhook will recieve two duplicate events (one for each user). Your app should account for this.
  • If you have more than one app sharing the same webhook URL and the same user mapped to each app, the same event will be sent to your webhook multiple times (once per app).
  • In some cases your webhook may receive duplicate events. Your webhook application should be tolerant of this and dedupe by event ID.