Tokens from


The application control panel offers the ability to generate an OAuth access token for the owner of the application. This is useful if:

  • Your application only needs to make requests on behalf of a single user (for example, establishing a connection to the Streaming API).
  • You wish to test API functionality from a single account before worrying about the 3-Legged OAuth flow.

Generating a token

Start by visiting “My applications” page by navigating to, or hovering over your profile image in the top right hand corner of the site and selecting “My applications”:


This page contains a list of the applications you have created, along with a button to create a new application. Select the application you wish to generate a token for, and click on its title:


At the bottom of the next page, you will see a section labeled “your access token”:


Click on the “Create my access token” button, and an authorized access token and secret will be generated for your account and the current application. These values may be used to authorize requests to the Twitter API.


Using authorization tokens

See Single-user OAuth with Examples for examples of using your access token on a variety of platforms.